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Most of all I am a guide of stories. I picked them up. A lot from my grandmother Simi who was an exceptional woman for her time who told me stories in Hebrew spiced with Spaniel. At the age of 24 I worked for five years as a salesman for photocopiers in what was then called the “West Bank.” Days passed from morning to night in Jericho and Bethlehem, Hebron and Nablus and of course in East Jerusalem so I discovered the wonderful stories of Arab culture. Our Arab neighbors have a wonderful sense of humor, and it is a shame that in the heat of the conflict most of us do not know Juha, Abu Nawas, Karakuz and Hajiouw, who star in their stories.

I also like to look for magical corners. There are many in this country. And interesting – a magical corner is a matter of both day and hour. The rooftops above the market in the magical Old City in the morning when the market under you opens and the boys cook morning coffee for the merchants. The garden of St. Andrew’s Inn is wonderful with beer at sunset in the summer but also with hot chocolate in its height in the winter from the lobby that often hosted Lawrence of Arabia. The incredible structure of Augusta Victoria that hosted Whiston Churchill in 1927 is amazing in the snow and the most amazing balcony in this Mediterranean basin of the sculptor Ilana Goor in Jaffa should be visited in the early afternoon when you can almost see Cyprus and a wonderful wind blowing from the sea.

I am a graduate of the Hebrew University and specialize in history and international relations. I have a special interest in Muslim periods (early and late). They controlled this country more than any other occupier and left behind a lot. Architecture, culture and even the food we eat.

Recommended tours

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A tour in Ein Karem

"from the pigeon hill To the treasury of Dr. Joachim"
Many new figures will be introduced to in this tour. From Colonel Charles Gordon, hero of Khartoum. His end was like the end of John the Baptist who lived in the house of Haj Ismail. Marciano from the grocery store who died of a heart attack and dr. Joachim who went crazy ....
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A tour after the Mamluks in Jerusalem

"from haan Shulten to the Palace of Lady Tonshok"
The Mamluk period in the Land of Israel began in 1260. Within 30 years they destroyed the rest of the Crusader presence in the land and ruled the country until the Ottoman conquest in 1517 ....
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Armenian artists and British builders

At the beginning of the British Mandate period, some of the most beautiful buildings in Jerusalem were built. British colonial architects like Clifford Holliday and Austin St. Barb Harrison built buildings, each of which.....
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